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Historical novelties / curiosities -=- scoring gadgets and calculators -=- Glass and ceramics -=- ashtrays and pin trays -=- cigarette lighters -=- trump indicators -=- Playing card boxes -=- drinks coasters -=- collectable playing cards -=- miscellaneous - scoring pads, clocks, trays, autographs, etc.

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Historical novelties / curiosities. Please note all prices on this page include delivery.

I'm not sure what to make of this battered old pewter jug. Just over 5" tall, it's marked GENUINE PEWTER on the base. Applied decoration reads: "Winfield Liggett Jr Contract Bridge Studio" inside a ship's wheel with an anchor motif. The 1931 Culbertson-Lenz match was “The Bridge Battle of the Century" and consisted of 150 rubbers, and was held in 20 evening sessions from December 7, 1931 to January 8, 1932. Culbertson wagered $5000 to Lenz’s $1000 with all moneys going to charity regardless of who won. Sidney Lenz played the first 103 rubbers with Oswald Jacoby, who then resigned. For the remaining 47 rubbers, Commander Winfield Liggett Jr. took Jacoby’s place. Was this his personal mug or did he own a studio that churned them out? I have no idea but it must be a piece of bridge history. £25

Scoring gadgets and calculators

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"Carfax" calculator. 2¾" high. Plastic - Made in England. £15

Glass and ceramics

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Aynsley fortune-telling Cup of Knowledge £26
Two continental curved white glass dishes, depicting a (naughty) Rex of Hearts and Dame of Diamonds in gold. Each 4" x 6½". You can see a tiny nick on the bottom left side of the D. £25 each, £40 the pair.
Two continental curved white glass dishes, depicting a (naughty) Rex of Hearts and Dame of Diamonds in gold
Here is a curved white dish 3½" x 5". Some minor nicks to right edge at back. £6

Two American curved smoked-glass dishes, each 5" x 7". One shows scores (extra undertricks not increasing in value as now), the other shows point count values (suggests opening 3NT with 25-27). Ref. NWR. £9.50 each, £17.50 pair.
American curved smoked-glass dish
American curved smoked-glass dish
Sascha Brastoff made decorative accessories, ceramics, enamels on copper, and plastics of his own design. He headed a factory, Sascha Brastoff of California, Inc., in West Los Angeles, from 1953 until about 1973. He died in 1993.
Here is a very rare and unusual 1965 "ACBL Fall Nationals" Souvenir Bowl. White pottery in Free-Form style with San Francisco Street Car scene in gold and black. These were a custom order by the ACBL and had a limited run. No damage, gold slightly worn in centre from use. 8" x 6". Ref aooc.
Book price £55. My price £45

Sascha Brastoff 1965 "ACBL Fall Nationals" Souvenir Bowl.
Sascha Brastoff 1965 "ACBL Fall Nationals" Souvenir Bowl.
Sascha Brastoff 1965 "ACBL Fall Nationals" Souvenir Bowl.
"Cut for Coffee" set of fine bone china cup and saucer. Better pics coming soon. I have a 1 cup, approx 2½" high
and 4 saucers approx 5" diameter (Elizabethan)
. So grab as many as you like at £7.50 each. These are marked "not dishwasher safe" - presumably because of the gold trim.
Brandy bottle. Not sure whether it's ceramic or white glass. This one is approx 4" tall, and the plastic top has a crack. £4

I also have one 8" high with no top - makes a good vase - @ £7

China box marked Bridge. 4½" long. Small chip to underside of lid. £9

Ashtrays and pin trays

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Here is a set of four ceramic symbols, with a puppy on each. Said to be 1940s. No marks, but each has a hand-written pattern number on a paper label. £40.
This one looks like cast iron. 4¼" tall, Rd No 692587. £6
Below is a set of porcelain ashtrays and holder which have some age. As they do not bear a mark of country of origin (see below for scan of maker's mark which is on each piece, gold coloured, maybe transfer), I presume them to be 19th century. The overglaze printing has worn very slightly, but it is still a very decorative piece. The trays are 3½" in length. £65

Set of four white glass ashtrays with hand-painted rose design. £35
Set of four perfect Wedgwood ashtrays - never used. About 5" long. My ref hohc. £35
Royal Worcester pin dish with box. Just under 3½" diameter. £6
Set of 4 heavy onxy ashtrays. 4 to 5½" in length. My ref cnw. £14
Limoges Porcelain Ashtray.  The item has gold trim, a blue border, and a Queen of Hearts design in the centre. approx. 2" wide x 3¼" deep. Backstamp reads SA Porcelaine LIMOGES France. My ref ann. £5
5½" ashtray with ace of spades, or queen or jack of hearts. New, boxed, unused. £8 each - 1 left.
Here is a set of 4 silver ashtrays. The diamond is 4" long. Each hallmarked in Birmingham 1972. Some small dents. £39

Cigarette lighters

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Brand new gas cigarette lighters £5 each. The decoration is just a transfer so wears off quickly with use. Lighter operates by sliding front over like a card to reveal card behind. I also have a Jack of spades with a small scratch through his hair @ £2.50.

Trump Indicators

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(right) Early indicator in bakelite ashtray. £35
(Right) Trump indicator on pencil
Small (just 1" across) trump indicator which is mounted on the end of a pencil (which has never been sharpened) so that you can keep your score. The celluloid wheel turns to show the trumps through a small window - all four trumps and "no trumps". Nice floral design. £33

Ref aox.

(left) Log post trump indicator. A varnished natural log with a hole drilled in the top to make it into a spill or match holder. Standing 3" tall this trump indicator has the tabs for all four trumps and "no trumps" showing to both sides and hanging from a post. My ref lfx.


(left) Kitty tray. A simple felt-lined wooden tray reminding you to put money in the kitty with indicator (white plastic pointer) on the back. 5" across. £35

(right) Kitty box. Wooden (plywood) box to hold the kitty with 3 squares marked with suits. 7" long. Writing style looks pre-war. £39

Isle of Wight Souvenirs

I have two trump indicators with the same photograph of Ventnor on the front. These were made in the south of England as souvenirs. They are wooden and have a celluloid disc in the top which rotates to show the four trumps and "NO" for no trumps. Left: without calendar. Ref alx £29

The one on the right has a holder at the front for a perpetual calendar (missing). Ref acx £30

And yet another Island one. This one says WOT!! NO KITTY and has a transfer of the Island's coat of arms with galleon. £15

Card boxes

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Card box 4" x 5". Very shiny finish, King of Clubs is called 12, not K, so origin unknown to me. £10.
Card box to hold 1 pack. The diamond is cut out of the lid and glued to the swiveling inside part. £10.
Flowery card box to hold 2 packs. £12.
Inlaid two-pack box shaped like thick book. Glued construction, needs re-glueing. £5
Left: Poppy design hinged box for two packs. £8
Right: Small box (2½" x 3½") with inlaid club. Separate top slightly warped. £5
Lacquered red card box to hold 2 packs. Lid cut to shape around symbols. Seems like papier-maché £19 .
New wooden card box to hold 2 packs. Made in Poland. £9.
Very nice old box for single pack. Wooden carcass with hand-hammered pewter cover decorated with a heart on one side and a club on the other. Lift-off lid. £19
c. 1930 Art Deco Byrrh tin in the shape of a book. Holds 1 pack. Some surface rust. My ref lnf. £9
Box covered in mother-of-pearl. Hand made in India. 4¾" x 6¼" x 1" high. Holds 2 packs. The club is silver but doesn't look it in my scan. The piece of mother-of-pearl just above the left 'leaf' has a small hole. Click the pic to see a larger image. £10
Box made of attractively-figured wood. Decoration on front consisting of crossed lines (they're painted, not inlaid). Covered in deep polish. There is a natural crack in one side panel. Click a pic to see a larger image. £10
Wooden box, similar to above but with a decoration of suit symbols, which seem to have been painted beneath the varnish. Slight wear marks, but somebody has drilled 2 small holes into the base, which don't actually affect it. £8
An attractive box viewed from the front, with decoration of flowers and suit symbols. It is plywood construction, and has a sliding Bakelite cover for the box which holds 2 packs - there are ribbons for removal. Seems largely unused as there is very little wear, but aging is evident from some rust to the tops of nails used in construction. £19.
Box 9" x 5½" X 1½". Lid has decoration of joker with suit symbols & dice. Outlines are impressed, resembling poker-work. Inside are compartments for 3 packs, pencils, & dice. New, but with a tiny chip out of base (does not show in use). My ref ffn. £9
Fairly old oak box holds 2 pack. Top a little faded & spotted. Secured by a catch which has broken but just saves you having to press it to open. £9
Left: Modern (new) oriental box. Ply construction, stained dark with red design all around. £6
Right: Card case with 2 compartments to resemble leather-bound book. £5
I would date this box to the 1920s. The King of diamonds design on the top is worn, and each side is different. The varnish has bubbled with age but doesn't detract in my opinion. It has a typical 20s motif on the back of black cats. £19


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6 metal coasters, 1950s? 5 are in very good condition, the sixth has some wear to the top. They are in the shape of a flower with playing cards and suit symbols on them. They measure 3 inches across. The underside is deep red. My ref als. £5

Playing cards

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Some of the foreign advertisers have foreign symbols on their cards eg R for K!
Packs marked 'skat' are for a German game, and don't have 52 cards (2-5 often missing), but they tend to be decorative.
Don't ask the prices - they are £2.50 for single packs, £5 for doubles. Post free.

Old small patience set in worn box. Central divider missing. Contains 2 worn packs. £10


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Waddington's Cubex - the card game with blocks. Instruction booklet. £9
4 Pewter place-setting holders. 1¾" high. Base reads: Fine Pewter 1999. Great for a bridge party. £25
Goren's Bridge for Two game. Consists of two plastic card holders, cards, instructions & score pad. The box is a little kncked-about, but the game seems unused (the cards are not plastic coated so don't handle well and they are slim to fit the holders). My ref chf. £9
Chas H Goren's Rolomatic Bridge Machine set II for experienced players © 1969. Play solo bridge. It is a plastic box with windows that show the hands which are printed on a paper roll (starts at hand number 41). Turning the knobs advances the play card by card. No instructions (you don't really need any) or commentary booklet (deal 41 is so simple I can't imagine what commentary you need), box lid split down sides. My ref chs. £9
The Richfield Reporter NBC Point Count Bidding Wheel. Move the pointer to your honour tricks & select your bid, or to partner's opening bid, & it tells you what to respond. £10
Cigarette box. The decoration on the lids is an ashtray with smoking cigarettes and fans of playing cards. It was made by Golden Age Black & Gold Giftware with their brochure (right). It actually holds 2 packs of cards nicely, but I'm not sure it would hold today's king-size cigs. It's mint condition in its original (damaged) box with brochure which says the hard-lacquered gold finish should not be cleaned with abrasives. Overall length 7". £9
(left) Art Nouveau style glass cake plate with playing card decoration -7½" diameter has metal rim with bun feet and metal handles -good order -the glass is NOT scratched -the card motifs are very good. My ref ahhn. £29
Here are two erasers from the 70s, I understand. Unused. The Queen of spades is 1" wide, £3 (SOLD). The suits nearly 2" wide, the 4 individual suit shapes can be pushed out. £5.
Left - Metal enamel brooch of a king. Pin clasp with swivel safety catch. Ref ann. £6
Here is a playing card signed by Henry Winkler (a.k.a. The Fonz) for Jays Black Dragons Judo Club in Dagenham. They auctioned it to raise funds. £5.
(Left) 1½" high pink plastic pencil sharpener marked FOREIGN. I think it's from the 1950s but not sure. My ref fsc. £7

Metal tray 13½" diameter with cartoons by Joe Carpenter. Scoring table in centre (undertricks not as now). Small scratches on reverse. Ref hnha. £29
Attractive 1930's bakelite(?) scoring pad or tally holder in the form of a chinaman.  The back of his 'coat' lifts up to reveal a score pad with the usual columns for We/They and sections for Points & Honors (spelling indicates US provenance).  The word 'Bridge' is engraved on the cover and a little pencil on a string attaches to the pad; the pencil holder is just starting a slight crack.  Pencil is in good condition and not much used; there are about six pages of the score pad left and a little pencil writing on the cardboard backing of the pad. The back is plain.

From the tip of his pointed hat to the soles of his shoes this item is about 7 inches high, and the score pad itself is 3½ inches high. This item is in good condition for its age. My ref fcl. £9

  (right) 4 horse brasses, approx 4"+ height. Collected separately, so not 100% matching (shape of loop at top etc). Makes a nice display. My ref hann. £19